Manchester based fashion photographers specialising in streetwear shoots, model headshots and product imagery.
website preview
website preview
the brief
Formed by a group of previously freelance photographers; A-La-Mode is a newly launched business that is hoping to pull together the experience of it’s founders to offer a more wide-ranging fashion photography service. Their primary aim for their website was to establish them as a brand and display their portfolio in a way that was artistic and aesthetically pleasing.
my solution

Simplicity. It goes without saying that for any photography service; the pictures should do most of the talking. In order to allow this to happen, I opted for a mostly minimalist design that allowed the images to shine through. The website carries zero excess baggage, only enough text to articulate what they do and the pictures are displayed with simple animations that draw in the users attention.


Styling. Rather than using ultra-modern fonts and styling patterns, A-La-Mode wanted a more classic approach. The general approach to styling the website was to make it look somewhat familiar to a 70’s magazine but with modern functionality and a pleasant user experience. I opted for the Playfair Display font which has a more classical feel but a variety of weights which are useful for highlighted headings and subheadings.


Resolution. Whilst speed is often a priority in web design; it involves a trade-off with image/video quality. With A-La-Mode being a photography business, the quality of the images was the number one priority. I created variants of each image at different resolutions to make sure that they loaded as fast as possible on different devices but without sacrificing any quality; allowing them to be displayed in all their beauty.

"Thank you Peter for our amazing new website!! It's exactly what we wanted!".
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