derby landscaping
A popular landscaping service in Derbyshire known for their stunning home gardens and outstanding groundswork.
website preview
website preview
the brief
For years Derby Landscaping had operated solely on word of mouth recommendations; their founder Ash had decided it was time to establish a clear presence online. The task was relatively straightforward - design and develop a portfolio website that will help generate a new stream of leads and enquiries that ultimately will create the opportunity for his business to grow and expand.
my solution

Research. Derby Landscaping primarily do private work for individuals such as home gardens, rather than business-to-business trading; so it was important to understand their target market. Statistics showed that well over half of the private trade was with people aged 35-55. This provided an idea for the people the website would be reaching - it ought to be visually pleasing but not so ultra-modern that older customers would struggle to navigate it.


Design. There were three key priorities for this design. Firstly to let the pictures do the talking, secondly to make it clear what services were on offer and thirdly to make it really easy to “Get In Touch”. I worked with Ash (the founder) to make sure that enough high-quality images were taken and displayed to allow the quality of their work to shine through.


Develop. The website was developed to really shine on mobile, since most visits would be coming through clicks via Facebook or Instagram. It was important to make sure that the homepage itself contained a condensed version of everything a potential customer would need to know about their service, alongside simple navigation to specific pages further detailing the service they were interested in.

"Pete's done a boss job on my new website, already getting some new clients coming through. Highly recommended".
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