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website preview
website preview
the brief
All new apps have the same primary goals; to get people to download them and then to regularly use them. The purpose of the Hyro website was to help with the first goal. The marketing team at Hyro were confident that they would be able to send a lot of visitors to the website so its purpose was to make downloading the app as appealing and simple as possible.
my solution

Layout. If your primary goal is for people to download an app from a website, it’s extremely important that this is easy to do. If users have to go searching through your websites pages or independently go and visit the app store; you’ve already lost them. For these reasons it was important that the layout of this website was minimal and very easy to navigate, especially on mobile.


Design. The Hyro team wanted their website to be “fresh and colourful” so we opted for a colour scheme that was bright and eye-catching. I designed a couple of very simple animations that draw the users attention to the areas we were aiming to focus them on and I ensured that the buttons connecting them to the app store(s) were easy to find by highlighting them with contrasting colours.


Speed. Given that a huge majority of website visits would come from mobile devices it was important that the website didn’t take long to load. For this reason no large files (such as videos) were used; instead priority was given to fast-loading images that would contribute to a snappy and responsive website that led its users to the app store as fast as possible.

"You knocked this out the park Peter, thanks so much".
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