UK adventure company offering guided hikes around some of the most beautiful and stunning locations across Great Britain.
website preview
website preview
the brief
Lets-Hike approached me to redesign and redevelop their website. The old website was outdated and no longer represented the company in a way that was true to how they had developed over recent years. They wanted their new website to inspire excitement and adventure - exactly what their hiking experiences offer to their customers. The aim was to create a unique digital experience that left visitors eager to go on a new adventure.
my solution

Planning. In order to produce a website that would embody the feeling of excitement and adventure, I had to transfer the offline experience of a Lets-Hike adventure into an online digital experience. This meant planning out a unique design full of stunning imagery that captures the essence of the amazing locations their trips explore.


Design. Lets-Hike wanted a website that would last them the next 5-10 years without ageing and looking dated. This meant going for a highly modern design with interesting interactions. I created a rectangular cut-out feature throughout almost all of the website images that makes it distinguishable and memorable for the user.


Development. I developed the homepage with a background video that included the same rectangular cut out as most of the imagery throughout the website. This has proven to work very well at capturing the users attention within moments of them landing on the website as it’s a feature not commonly seen online. In most cases this leads them on to explore the rest of the site and consider going on a Lets-Hike adventure.

"I'm so pleased with my website! Couldn't be happier with the end result and Peter was great to work with throughout the process".
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